14–18 September 2020

This intensive residential course is based in the exceptional surroundings of Clare College in the centre of the University of Cambridge. Directed by Dr. Andrew Moore, the programme focuses upon a series of iconic libraries. These include the historic private libraries of Houghton Hall created by Robert Walpole, and Holkham Hall, home to one of the greatest private manuscript and printed book collections in Britain, housed today in three of the country’s most important country house library rooms. The course also visits the library designed by James Gibbs for Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, and Anglesey Abbey, created by the Anglo-American oil magnate Huttleton Broughton, First Lord Fairhaven, both now in the ownership of the National Trust. The course also visits the barely known and privately owned Narford Hall, Norfolk, where Sir Andrew Fountaine (1676-1753) built his new library shortly after his return from Europe in 1718. The course will include the Old Libraries of St John’s College and Queens’ College; the Wren Library, Trinity; the Pepys Library, Magdalene College; the Parker Library at Corpus Christi, the Founder’s Library at the Fitzwilliam Museum and also historic book collections in the University Library designed by Giles Gilbert Scott.

For further details, see https://www.attinghamtrust.org/courses/from-college-library-to-country-house/