The Bibliographical Society invites applications for awards from scholars engaged in bibliographical research (on, for example, book history, textual transmission, publishing, printing, bookbinding, book-ownership and book-collecting).

The Society makes Minor Grants for immediate research needs, such as for reproductions or travelling expenses, and Major Grants for longer-term support, for example to assist with prolonged visits to libraries and archives. The Society also offers from time to time the Katharine F Pantzer Jr Research Fellowship. The Society does not offer general funding to support student living costs during postgraduate programmes.

The Society also makes subventions to conference organisers to subsidise attendance by postgraduate students at bibliographical conferences.

The Society gives £1500 for student bursaries at the London Rare Books School, which selects the recipients.

Application forms for each of these awards can be found on the page for Application Procedure

For examples of recent awards, see the pages of Grants Awarded.