The Bibliographical Society (the Society) collects and holds the following personal details for each of its members: full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and payment preference.

Accordingly, no special categories of personal data, such as ‘Sensitive Personal Data’, is collected or processed. The Society collects and stores these data specifically and solely for the purposes of fulfilling its obligations to its members, namely to distribute copies of The Library, provide electronic access to The Library, maintain a list of current members, and to provide regular updates about the scholastic activities of the Society.

The Society shares these data with the digital publisher of The Library (Oxford University Press), and the distributor of the print edition (D & M Heritage), for the sole purpose of providing access to The Library in its digital and printed forms.

Industry-standard security measures are employed to protect these data and to ensure that access to these data is limited only to those who will use it for its intended purpose.

Personal data is not transferred outside of the EU.