Major Grants awarded 2011/12

The Council of the Society agreed on 21 February 2012 to make the following awards:

One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Scholarship:
£2000 jointly to Dr. Takako Kato and Dr Satoko Tokunaga   (‘Caxton and Beyond: Copy-Specific Features in English Incunabula’)
Major Grants
  • £1960 to Dr Godfried Croenen (‘Workshops, Exemplars and the Production of Illustrated Copies of Froissart’s Chronicles in Early 15th-Century Paris’).
  • £1452.50 to Dr Maura Ives: ‘Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market: A Publishing History’. (Fredson Bowers Award, funded by this Society and the Bibliographical Society of America)
  • £1500 to Dr Steven J. Livesey (‘Medieval Commentaries on the Sentences and the Monastic Library of Saint-Bertin’).
  • £1900 to Professor Shannon Miller (‘Creating Sammelbandë / Rewriting History: Case Studies in English Tract Collections’). (Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association Award)
  • £500 to Dr Richard John Palmer (‘Archbishops Sheldon and Sancroft and the Collections of Lambeth Palace Library’). (Falconer Madan Award)
  • £1875 to Miss Charlotte Anne Panofré (‘The Role of Economic Factors in the Printing of English Protestant Pamphlets in Strasbourg, 1553-1558’).
  • £2000 to Dr Jason Powell (‘Complete Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder’). (Barry Bloomfield Award)
  • £1135 to Miss Ingrid Kristen Rembold (‘The Christianization of Saxony in the Ninth Century’).