Major Grants awarded 2012/13

The Council of the Society agreed on 19 February 2013 to make the following awards:

One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Fellowship
£698 to Dr Dunstan Roberts: ‘The Books of Lord Herbert of Cherbury (1582?-1648)’
One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Scholarship
£1500 to Mr Paolo Sachet: ‘The Cultural Policy of the Catholic Church Towards Printing (1529-1587): The First Attempts to Establish a Vatican Press in Rome’
Major Grants
  • £1000 to Dr Robyn Adams: ‘Building a Library Without Walls: The Early Years of the Bodleian Library’. (Falconer Madan Award)
  • £1000 to Miss Anna Dorofeeva: ‘The Reception and Manuscript Context of the Early Medieval Latin pre-Bestiary Physiologus’.
  • £1000 to Mr William Kynan-Wilson: ‘Ottoman Costume Albums in European Collections’.
  • £1000 to Dr Tom Lockwood: ‘One Likes to have a Copy of Every Thing One Does: Charles Lamb’s Copies of his own and Others’ Books at Yale and Harvard’.
  • £1200 to Ms. Laure Miolo: ‘Sciences in a Theological College: A Comparison between Sorbonne College and Merton College XIIIth-XVth Centuries’.
  • £800 to Miss Gillian Pink: ‘Voltaire’s Marginalia, Working Methods and Reading Habits’.
  • £2000 to Professor James Raven: ‘Mapping Booksites: The Location of Printers c.1600-1800 Together with a Bibliographical-Topographical Digital Model of Paternoster Row’. (Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association Award)
  • £2000 to Dr Kyle Roberts: ‘Philip Doddridge’s Library’.
  • £2000 to Ms Louise Seaward: ‘Censorship in Eighteenth-Century Geneva’. (Barry Bloomfield Award)
  • £1815 to Ms Hazel Wilkinson: ‘Eighteenth-Century Editions of Edmund Spenser’. (Fredson Bowers Award, funded by this Society and the Bibliographical Society of America)