Major Grants awarded 2017/18
The Council of the Society agreed on 20 February 2018 to make the following awards:


One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr. Research Fellowship

£4000 to Dr Stephen Bernard: ‘The Tonson publishing house: a bibliographical catalogue’.


One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr. Research Scholarship

£1874 to Ms Anna Reynolds: ‘Binding Waste in Early Modern England’


Major Grants:

£1500 to Dr Brian Alderson: ‘Evolution of the printing and publishing of children’s toy books and picture books in the nineteenth century’ (Barry Bloomfield Award)

£1874 to Brian Cole: ‘Library bookbinding (Cedric Chivers)’.

£2000 to Dr Joseph Gwara: ‘Larceny in the Library: Philip Bliss, Wynkyn de Worde, and A Treatise of a Galaunt’ (Fredson Bowers Award).

£2000 to Ms Julia Mattison: ‘The Circulation of French Manuscripts in England in the Fifteenth Century’.

£1145 to Mr Edward Potten: ‘Italian Renaissance bookbindings: their makers and owners’ (Falconer Madan Award).

£980 to Prof Lynda Pratt: ‘What John Murray Rejected: Towards An Alternative Bibliographical History of British Romanticism, c. 1791-1830’ (Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association Award).