Major Grants

£3000 to Molly Yarn for ‘Women Printers and the London Book Trade, 1640-1670’ (Pantzer Fellowship)

£2000 to Michael VanHoose for ‘The Fourdrinier Papers and the Economics of Early British Machine-Made Paper, c. 1804–1840’ (Pantzer Scholarship)

£2000 to Elizabeth Savage for ‘Carbon-dating two ‘early modern’ woodblocks at the Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin’ (bequest from Professor John L. Flood)

£1730 to Geri Della Rocca de Candal for Aldus Manutius’s proof sheets (Fredson Bowers award)

£1500 to Muriel Hoareau for ‘The Haultins’, three generations of protestant printers and booksellers (1546-1620)’ (ABA award)

£1835 to David Anderson for ‘British humour comics and artist Dudley D. Watkins’ (Barry Bloomfield award)

£1402 to Lucy Mookerjee for ‘The Forme of Cury: A 14th-Century Global Cookbook’

£1795 to Katherine Goodwin for ‘History of women, religion, and books in late medieval and early modern England’

£1936 to Stephen Milner for ‘Purchasing Wholesale: Italy, Nonconformity and Library Building with Mrs Rylands, 1891-1921’

£1000 to Shanti Graheli for ‘The last Aldine Cicero, or the straw that broke the camel’s back’