Major Grants for 2000-2001

The Society is pleased to announce that, as a result of the eighth competition for the research grants set up with funds received towards its centenary appeal, the following grants have been made:

  • $1,500 from the Bibliographical Society of America, as the Fredson Bowers award, to Professor John J. McCusker for his work on the business press and the economic integration of the early modern Atlantic world, with an additional award of £500 to be paid by the Society;
  • £1,000 to Professor Alistair McCleery for his study of the Albatross Press 1931-1948: the award associated with the name of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association;
  • £1,100 to Ms. Monica Azzolini for work on Italian Renaissance humanism and the development of encyclopaedic works;
  • £1,000 to Mr. Frederick Bearman for a study of the history and development of medieval ‘stationery’ bindings;
  • £800 to Dr. Mark Bland for work on the manuscripts of Ben Jonson and John Donne and their connections;
  • £1,000 to Ms. Lamia Doumato for work on an illustrated pontifical manuscript from the Christian East;
  • £1,200 to Dr. David Finkelstein for an investigation into cultural and commercial links between the Scottish and New Zealand printing industries 1860-1900;
  • £500 to Dr. Jonathan Gibson for work on the standardisation of the physical description of early modern English manuscripts;
  • £500 to Mrs. Elizabeth Quarmby Lawrence for work on Cambridge college libraries c.1550-1700;
  • £2,000 to Dr. Sydney Shep for a study of the paper trade between Britain and New Zealand in the nineteenth century;
  • £1,000 to Mr. Nigel Tattersfield for work on the book illustrations of Ralph Beilby, Thomas Bewick and their workshop apprentices.