Major Grants for 2003-2004

The Society is pleased to announce that, as a result of the eleventh competition for the research grants set up with funds received towards its centenary appeal, the following awards have been made:

  • $1500 from The Bibliographical Society of America as the Fredson Bowers Award to Anna Taylor to investigate manuscripts relating to Carolingian vitae metricae
  • £1520 as The Falconer Madan Prize in association with the Oxford Bibliographical Society, to Dabney Bankert for work on Joseph Bosworth’s Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language
  • £440 to David Stoker for a study of Lady Ellenor Fenn and her publishers, the award associated with the name of Barry Bloomfield •£2000 to Tanya Hagen to investigate the production of non-Shakespearean drama between 1660-1780, the award associated with the name of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association
  • £430 to Matthew Cobb for research into the publications of Jan Swammerdam
  • £450 to Louise Curth for the study of early modern vernacular manuscripts
  • £700 to Peter Happé for his work on the Cambridge Ben Jonson Edition
  • £2000 to Janelle Jenstadt to investigate the provenance of 16th and 17th century mayoral pageant books
  • £895 to Peter Van den Dungen to research the production of Bertha von Suttner’s Lay Down Your Arms
  • £2000 to Yu-Chiao Wang for work on the printing of English romances circa 1475-1565