Guest Edited by Mirjam M.Foot

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Table of Contents

Editorial by Mirjam M.Foot

Some Cuir-Ciselé Bookbindings in English Libraries 
by E. P. Goldschmidt 
The Library, IV, 13 (1933), 337–65

Further Notes on Romanesque Bindings
by G. D. H. Hobson
The Library, IV, 14 (1934), 161–211

London Bookbinders: Masters and Men, 1780–1840
E. Howe
The Library,V, 1 (1946), 28–38

Changes in the Style of Bookbinding, 1550–1830
G. Pollard
The Library, V, 11 (1956), 71–94

The Bookbinders Case Unfolded
B. Middleton
The Library, V, 17 (1962), 60–76

The Library of Louis-Henri de Loménie, Comte de Brienne, and the Bindings by the Abbé Du Seuil
R. Birley
The Library, V, 17 (1962), 105–31

The Names of Some English Fifteenth-Century Binders
G. Pollard
The Library, V, 25 (1970), 193–218

Rossetti, Ricketts, and Some English Publishers’ Bindings of the Nineties
G. Barber
The Library, V, 25 (1970), 314–30

The London Bookbinding Trade: From Craft to Industry
E. Potter, 
The Library, VI, 15 (1993), 259–80

The Interpretation of Bookbinding Structure: An Examination of Sixteenth-Century Bindings in the Ramey Collection in the Pierpont Morgan Library
N. Pickwoad 
The Library, VI, 17 (1995), 209–49

A Bookbinder in Early Seventeenth-Century Milan: The Shop of Pietro Martire Locarno
K. M. Stevens
The Library, VI, 18 (1996), 306–27

Stab-Stitching and the Status of Early English Playbooks as Literature
A. Pratt
The Library, VII, 16 (2015), 304–28