A reprint of E. Gordon Duff, Fifteenth Century English Books: A Bibliography of Books and Documents printed in England and of Books for the English Market printed Abroad, with supplementary material compiled by Dr Lotte Hellinga.

Published by the Bibliographical Society in collaboration with the British Library, 2009.

£40.00; xvi + 274 pages; hardback (buckram). ISBN 978 0948170 17.4.

Since its first publication in 1917, Duff’s bibliography has been the standard reference for all printing in England and continental printing for the English market before 1501. Its 431 entries include accurate transcriptions; 53 full-page plates illustrate all founts of type used in England, as well as some of the continental founts. This reprint edition is updated by adding 46 full descriptions of items that have come to light since 1917, a new and extensive census of copies, combined with a concordance to the main incunabula bibliographies and catalogues. A new chronological index, based on the results of recent research, replaces Duff’s Typographical Index.

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