Additions and corrections

The original edition of Julian Roberts and Andrew G. Watson’s edition of John Dee’s Library Catalogue was published by the Bibliographical Society in 1990 and has been out of print for some years. Since then, further discoveries of books and manuscripts from Dee’s library have been made and more work has been done on the interpretation of the entries in the Catalogue.

The late Julian Roberts created a list of Additions and Corrections which the Bibliographical Society has hosted on its web site:
Original version: October 2006.
Final update: November 2009. Format: PDF.Size: 235Kb

The Society is happy to receive news of further discoveries relating to Dee’s catalogue. Please address them to the Honorary Editor of Electronic Publications (

A new file of additions and corrections has been started:
Original version: 4 October 2015.
Latest version: 15 March 2019

The original manuscript of John Dee’s library catalogue (Trinity College, Cambridge, MS O.4.20) is now available online in digital form: (updated March 2021).
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Many other of Dee’s manuscripts are available on microfilm from Adam Matthew Publications (